Stand out with Embroidery

  • Jun 1, 2017

When deciding on custom imprinted promotional products, we take into consideration many things such as: cost, quantity, durability, but most of all quality. No one likes to promote themselves with cheap or poor looking items. Therefore, we always want the best, even if it means paying just a little bit more. The higher cost is never a loss when it means standing out from the rest of the crowd. When giving away items to clients or employees, we want them to feel that the company cares. People like knowing that the company took the time to ensure that they present themselves well and don't offer lesser quality items. For these reasons, embroidery is the best option when looking into giving away or branding apparel and accessories.

What is embroidery?

Unlike screen printing where the logo is printed on to fabric with paint, embroidery is the act of stitching the logo into your personalized item. This allows your custom shirts and hats to look fantastic and of quality. And the best part, they last much longer than their printed counter parts. Machine washer safe and textured, stitched logos look and feel fantastic for years to come.

At T&N Promotions Plus we pride ourselves with our embroidery. All items are stitched locally in Los Angeles, CA. Local production allows close management to ensure quality and low shipping costs. Whether customers are looking for hats, shirts, or backpacks, T&N has got it all. Give us a call today and let us help set you up for success!

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