Promoting Your Cannabis Business

  • Mar 23, 2017

Promoting Your Cannabis Business

The next big (soon to be legal everywhere) business venture has been conceived, Cannabusiness! New legislation has led to a boom in dispensaries of cannabis. Colorado and Washington have both recently legalized the sale of marijuana for recreational use as well with the possibility of California legalizing if Prop 64 passes. Along with California, Arizona, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine are on route to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.The products T&N Promotions Plus offers will be a sure fire way to give a good first impression on your branding and business  exposure and will build a relationship with you and your potential cannabis consumer!The key to growing your marijuana brand using promotional products is comprised of three parts: Getting the Right Product, to the Right People, as Inexpensively as Possible.  Get those three things right and your brand’s footprint can begin to grow organically, even after the event ends.

Promotional Cannabis Products Will Help

And we all know the best way to market a business is with promotional products! T&N Promotions Plus has a variety of promotional cannabis products that are effective in reaching out to potential cannabis consumers!

Here at T&N Promotions Plus, it is our goal to help your cannabusiness reach record high sales!

With the possibility of an additional 5 states (California being one of the largest states in the country) joining the cannabis wagon, new business opportunities will come with it as well. As the cannabis industry is growing at an extremely rapid pace, the need for marketing as a legitimate business is a very effective way to stand out from the competition. One of the simplest branding levers to pull is the strategic use of promotional products.  Promo items like hats and pens have become a staple at tradeshows and industry events, leading to the formation of a bottom-feeding class of people that only come to collect the free trinkets.  This ROI risk has led many entrepreneurs to wash their hands of promotional products entirely, like Mark Cuban’s “never buy swag” advice from his famous 12 Rules for Startups.

  1.   Custom rolling papers 

As old as the culture behind consuming marijuana, promotional rolling papers will be a sure hit!                       As old as the culture behind consuming weed, promotional rolling papers will be a sure hit!

2. Branded Marijuana Pens


3.   Custom Lighters


Custom Bic Lighters are essential tool needed for every cannabis enthusiast.

4. Customized Spice Herb Weed Grinder


marijuana grinder

5. Custom containers for medical marijuana dispensaries

The capsule is the perfect vessel to sell your product and to advertise your business!

5. Custom hats

cannabis promotional hats



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