Back to School Season

  • Jul 21, 2017

It’s that time of year again… Time for all the students to gear up and head back to school. And what a better way to promote you company than custom imprinting all the hottest back-to-school items! Student all over the country-and world-picking up all the items they need to be successful for the school year. With the season’s surge, T&N wants to help our customers make sure they get their name out there. Custom imprinting on hundreds of different products is available as giveaways to students. T&N also loves to help customers with branding. Give us a call next time you want to brand a product we carry.

What school items are students looking for?

Finding the perfect custom imprint-able items is just one click away! Visit our website and you can find: sunglassesbackpacksstationary and much much more.

So… What are students looking for? Well the most common items bought during the season would be apparel and stationary. Our in house embroidery and printing services can provide the apparel. Along side the apparel, our vast inventory of stationary will help you pick the right items to giveaway or brand to students.

The first thing usually bought by students before the start of the semester are, of course, backpacks. T&N has plenty of backpacks in store for clients to choose from. Add custom imprinted pencils, pens, notebooks, calendars, and planners and you have a whole custom set to help gear any student up for the year! Be sure to visit our website now to check out all our items. Or give us a call and ask about popular items as well as special promotions that’ll help you save money while you grow.




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